Is there something from your culture that you have been working on or that you feel relates to what you are learning in your program or courses? If not how can you use the cultural item/process to explain a teaching or a personal story that relates to what you learned from the item or process.


Learning to cut fish at first did not seem difficult, until I tried hanging on to the slippery salmon while trying to cut neatly. This reminds me of my experience with trying to keep up with my tests and assignments and trying to keep a social life. It all seems like a slippery slope; once I focus too much on one the other slips out of my reach. Cutting salmon for me symbolizes the balance between hanging on and moving forward to reach my goals that will benefit my family and community. If I don’t learn how to cut salmon than there is less opportunities for my family and friends to have salmon during the year. Just as if I don’t finish my program than there may be less opportunities for myself to take care of my family and support my community. Once the salmon is cut I can decide whether to cook it up or make smoked salmon or even make dry fish. When I finished my program I had more opportunities just as I did once I was able to cut the salmon and decide what was the best way to share and preserve the fish for the future.