Word Press How to Guide

We are here to help you create your ePortfolio, so do not hesitate to ask for technical support. To get started on creating your ePortfolio we suggest the following steps: The first Steps: Log in if you have not already logged in; get familiar with the administration interface and click here for more information on it.  The administration interface is also, where the Dashboard in WordPress is...
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Is there something from your culture that you have been working on or that you feel relates to what you are learning in your program or courses? If not how can you use the cultural item/process to explain a teaching or a personal story that relates to what you learned from the item or process. Example: Learning to cut fish at first did not seem difficult, until I tried hanging on to the slippery...
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Story and/or Song

Are there stories from your culture or a song that you relate to and why? Does this story or song relate to what you are learning in your program or in the course you are currently taking? Example: When raven stole the sun is a common Tlingit creation story. Raven stole the sun from a chief who was a wealthy man, by making himself into a pine needle. The chief's daughter went to the river to get...
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